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Action Coach Business Coaching


Bigger doesn’t always mean better, but in the world of business coaching it certainly does. As one of 1200 coach’s within the Action network we get to leverage experience from all corners of the world. The knowledge flows from the massive intranet database, regional, national and international conferences, regular webinars, podcasts and a plethora of other mediums.

This vital component is something other coaching organisations just don’t have, and it could easily mean the difference between a successful experience, or not, when engaging a business coach. I’m certainly quite happy to admit that I don’t know it all but this network empowers me with the knowledge and experience I need in all aspects of business.

Couple this with regular client workshops where clients are encouraged to network with each other in order to discuss the strategies they are being coached in and what the outcomes and results are. They are also encouraged to find opportunities to do business with each other which often results in quite sizable deals.

If you’d like to checkout an event or find out what’s coming up in and around Melbourne be sure to enquire. Even if you aren’t a client there are still opportunities to come as my guest.