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There are millions upon millions of blogs and webpage’s out there discussing all of the ins and outs of business success, some incredibly informative, and some, well… not so much.

So when it came to starting my own blog I resisted for many of years as I didn’t intend on becoming just another business coach blogger talking about the same stuff and feeling like they must put something out there day after day or even week after week, which inevitably produces very thin content.

So therefore I intend to do this quite differently by only put something out there when I feel I have something really important to share, as well as truly adding value.

My Business coaching is based on the premise of two separate but entwined notional models.

  • The first is about determining your awareness and comprehension, or lack thereof, of the 4 major elements of each and every business. I regularly refer to these as 4 spheres; Operations, Marketing/sales, Financials and the least thought of…Leadership. Sounds simple. Should be simple, but isn’t always.
  • Secondly, and this model you may have seen around before, is commonly known as the cycle of business. Once again and because I like to be different, I refer to this as business spirals, looking at it from a 3D aspect instead of the regular 2D.

Over the next, whatever amount of time, I will explain these models using articles written for industry magazines and trade journals to help you get your head these two models. Then I plan to point you in the direction of the tools, systems or procedures that I use with clients to assist you in progressing through these models and hopefully help you gain what you are looking for out of your business.

I look forward to presenting these to you and would certainly appreciate feedback and commentary of your own experiences on the topics.