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"Bringing Brett on board 12 months ago made us realise that we have been running our business totally blind.  He has given us ideas and strategies which have allowed us to take control of our business to enable it to move forward.  Without Brett we would be stuck in the same old rut we were 12 months ago.  The wealth of experience he has opened us up to has given us much needed confidence to take that next step."

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The City edge Story

Nick and Denise, the directors of City Edge Plumbing (formally Maggio plumbing) were like many other trade business owners - “Incredibly reliable and diligent at doing a brilliant job of upholding all of their commitment to their customers. Regularly going beyond the call of duty to ensure the job was done right each and every time”. The problem was the love didn’t always flow back the other way. On many occasions they were left waiting to get paid for months and when they finally did the client would regularly try to negotiate a lower rate.

We identified quickly that the major cause of frustration was due to having much of the eggs all in a couple of baskets and that we needed to address this so we weren’t so dependent on them. The first thing we did was determine the niche that Nick wanted to work within, Once we did that we then changed the business name from a family name to a name that reflected that niche and therefore attract that work.

There was still a lot more to do and learn so while Nick got stuck into delivering great service Denise got busy learning how to run the actual business by attending workshops on Marketing, Financials, Recruitment, Team building and leadership. She also took herself off to night school to learn all about Estimating and at the point of writing this was organising to learn all about tender writing. Not bad for a mum of three school age daughters.

With this amount of commitment it was inevitable that City Edge Plumbing would start to attract a whole new assortment of clients, and just not those who were focused on price alone but clients that were looking for a Plumbing business who could take care of every little detail so they didn’t need to.

Well done guys. I know we are a long way from “The Dream” but you are off to a great start.

If you’re looking for a plumbing organisation who are totally committed to delivering on their promise you must look up these guys.