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"Brett [was] our business coach for approximately 10 months.  He came on at a crucial transitional stage in our business. 

We are well aware that without his expertise, advice and management of the situation, this transitional stage seemed an impossible task.  Brett has definitely helped us to 'fill in the blanks' of our business. 

We were confident and motivated in certain areas, yet were walking completely blind in many others. 

Brett has instilled in us the absolute importance of knowing our figures week by week, being able to analyse and dissect aspects of our business whenever needed and this has given us a great tool in being able to confidently measure the success or problem areas of our business at any given moment. 

Brett is uncompromising when it comes to motivation and momentum but wonderfully balances this with enduring patience at teaching new strategies and skills. 

We feel that Brett has taken such a vested interest and personal care in our vision and our success that it is actually often very easy to forget that we are not his only client."


Thanks Brett.

Sharon and Jen.


The Enta Story

Working with these girls was so much fun. You could tell right from the start that they were dedicated to their business and their clients, but the business was always to be built around their family life and that meant shared roles between the two of them. When I first started the number one goal was to help the business become more independent. This was driven by the fact that one of the Partners was planning to start a family which meant less time availability, and therefore more dependence on the other partner, who already had a young child and really couldn’t allocate anymore time to the business, so it would mean finding a new group of therapists and specialists who had the same dedication as they had.

That was all well and good and even though challenging it certainly wasn’t impossible. The biggest obstacle standing in our way was the business only broke-even because the girls weren’t taking a consistent wage. They had fallen into the trap of only paying themselves when the business could afford to.

We spent the first stage of the program determining the KPI’s of the business and profit drivers, and then the best ways to measure them to ensure they were being met or exceeded. - Brett Burden...