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A letter from Neil.

"I engaged Brett as our ActionCoach in early 2009 to help sort out a few operational and team issues. At that point the business was overachieving in many areas and growth was good, but of course with growth came the inevitable challenges. We were experiencing a breakdown of communications and system failures, and it was starting to get a little out of control.  Most frustrating was the fact that my hours working in the business were increasing even though I was employing more and more people to handle much of the tasks I was getting caught up in. It seemed like a vicious circle.

With Brett’s help we strategically looked at our HR and quickly determined what was working and what wasn’t, and then implemented a plan and a recruitment procedure to change it. We also created a “Board of Management” which meet monthly to ensure we were held accountable our commitments.

Once we were a little more settled with our HR Brett then facilitated a two day Strategic Planning meeting with our key staff in attendance. From this session came our next 1, and 3, year goals and targets with “buy in” from the team. Which for me is a huge relief because it’s no longer completely up to me to execute the plan. Yes I’m still accountable to make sure it happens but I now have the support.  

Although we still have a way to go yet I can honestly say that the people we have on board are quality people and are currently taking the business to the next level without dragging me back into the day to day stuff, allowing me to work more strategically.

Thanks Brett for your help and ongoing assistance it’s great to know you are only a phone call away."


The H.L Cuthbert story.

All business have their own set of challenges, this one was no different except to say it was a victim of its own success. I know it’s hard for people to understand but there are nearly as many businesses that fail due to too much business as the ones without enough business.

Neil is one of the hardest working blokes I’ve known but he was working himself into an early grave, and even though he was employing more people to take on some of the work, he just never seemed to be able to catch up. Much of this was caused due to the people he was employing. Not that they weren’t skilful enough, it was more about aptitude, attitude and application that caused most of the frustration.

A slight tweak to the recruitment procedure and a monthly board meeting to keep everybody accountable meant that Neil could get on with continuing to build an incredible business.

When I last spoke to Neil he was telling me that 3 out of the last 8 months  were spent holidaying someplace OS, and in fact he was just about to take off again.  Well done Neil, you deserve it.

Look up these guys when you have a commercial project that requires tier 3 help and support, but the professionalism of a tier 1 supplier.