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Letter from Devon.

"When Brett first came to see us we were crammed into a tiny work area which happened to be an unused section of another company’s warehouse. Our goal was to increase our profits enough to allow us to lease a much larger factory. With Brett’ help and guidance we were not only able to double our profits in 6 months but we ended up being able to purchase our own factory and fit it out exactly how we wanted it. We now have a facility which reflects our professionalism and is the envy of all our competitors.

I would, and do regularly, recommend Brett to many of my business associates, but never our competitors."

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Devon and Chris are typical of most business owners. They got involved in business together simply because they believed they could do a better job than anybody else doing what they were doing. That being true the challenge they struck was not to do with the technical side of the business, but of course the “business” side of the business. I’m sure you have heard it before but they spend all of there time working in the business and not on it. As soon as they started focusing on the “low hanging fruit” it wasn’t long before the business started to rocket. The boys have since continued their learning by enrolling themselves into a diploma of Business Management. Well done guys, you really do deserve the success you have achieved.


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