Melbourne Team Building

by Brett Burden...

Team BuildingHave you ever heard the saying “Culture eats strategy for breakfast” There’s not a truer statement when the goal is TEAMWORK.

If you have ever analysed your P&L you’ll quickly stop wondering. Around 50% of your out-goings are associated with employing staff. In fact in some service based business it is considerably more. That being true how many business owners do you know who spend a proportionate amount of effort on Team Building to make the most of their investment? My experience tells me very few.

The result by not having a team building program in place is you end up with a team that “makes it up as they go”, and unfortunately more often than not the culture they concoct, being left to their own devises, is not one that is favorable to growth and harmony in the workplace. In fact the culture can potentially, and often does, become quite destructive and you end up with factions forming.

Worst case scenario is when these factions actually start to resent each other and deliberately work against one and other in an effort score points and make the other look bad. Now you have problems. You are outlaying around 50% of your overhead to have it work against you! Madness yeah?

Obviously it doesn’t need to get to this point and the best way to ensure it doesn’t is for the business owner to create the culture he wants his business to reflect and then enroll the team. Those who wish to participate come along for the ride, and those who don’t … don’t. It’s no more complicated than that.

As obvious and simple as it sounds why don’t more Melbourne business owners engage in team building programs? I’ve heard an interesting array of reasons from, “I pay them enough so surely they can work it out themselves” all the way down to the most common one “I wouldn’t know where to start”. Whatever the reason consider this. The only way your business is going to operate and grow, whether you are on-hand or not, is by having a great team around you.

If you’re a frustrated Melbourne based business owner then stop wondering and do something about it. Pick up the phone and call me because piecing together Melbourne team building events and programs is something I have been doing all of my adult life so I’m positive I can help.

To be frank, everything considered, creating a team that is engaged and involved is amazingly inexpensive, particularly when you consider the options of not doing it!

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