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I just wanted to thank you for your persistence. I know there is still so much to do but at least now I can see the pathway of getting off the tools for good which will allow me to take care of the business as a business owner should.The information you have made available during the process has really given me the confidence to do some other things, as in property development and investing, that I may not have done without it.Thanks again, Rob."

R&N Weightman Plumbing Group -

The Weightman story.

Weightman Group (Originally known as R&N plumbing and gas fitting) was your typical semi rural trade business, quite well know in the area they operated from, but nearly invisible to business outside. I remember when I first meet Rob, the owner, he was extremely hungry to learn more about business and what made them tick. Not that his business wasn’t already going along well but Rob could see there was far more growth potential available but he wasn’t sure how to tap into it without overextending himself. Rob already had no time to do anymore due to the fact that he was still on the tools pretty much 100% of the time and if he wasn’t doing that he was supervising his team.

With the implementation of a few simple systems and new organisational structure we were able to find the time Rob needed to free himself from the tools. Even though we have only scratched the surface of the potential available in the short time we have been working together, Rob is well on the way to taking his “Local rural ” business state-wide due to a few innovative products he now has the expertise to deliver.

Well Done Rob.